About Me

Who Am I?

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area; I have been acting, singing and dancing straight out the womb! Having had a background in Musicals and Theater, I found my true passion for filmmaking my freshman year of college in San Luis Obispo. After graduating from CSUN with a Bachelors in Film Production, I freelanced various jobs all over town ranging from: sound engineer, assistant director, writer, producer, coffee grabber all the way to editor. Though I thoroughly enjoyed behind the scene's, I was desperately missing my true passion for in front of the Camera. In 2016 I left my job at Smashbox Studio's to pursue my true calling in life: a career in acting. My ultimate goal? To acquire enough of a name through acting to have a powerful enough voice to help change the world and make it a better place! ART TRANSCENDS AND BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER!